Athenry Castle

An emblem of Norman lordship and the centrepiece of one of the best-preserved medieval towns in Ireland, Athenry Castle will offer the visitor a comprehensive medieval experience. Guarding a strategic ford on the Clareen River is the imposing Athenry Castle. The dramatic three-storey hall-keep survives from the mid-thirteenth century. It is solidly impressive from the outside. The interior consists of a substantial basement, the Great Hall and attic.

There is a modern addition on the third floor being the audio-visual room where a 20-minute film of the castles history provides visitors with a detailed appreciation of the castle’s long history.

The fine carvings at the entrance to the Great Hall bear witness to the hall’s eminence. The doorway and two of the window openings are decorated with floral motifs in the remarkable local School of the West style, which is unique in Irish castles.

The battlements are original 13th century and the deep cruciform arrow loops offered defenders protection against various attackers across the centuries. Visitors come to Athenry Castle to soak up the authentic atmosphere of medieval power that the mighty fortress still exudes.


Guided/ Self Guided Tour :

Adult €5.00
Senior €4.00
Student/Child €3.00
Family €13.00
Group rate €4.0

Source and image credit: Heritage Ireland OPW