Doon Fort

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Doon Fort is an impressive drystone fortification which takes up almost the entire island in Loughadoon. It is one of thirty massive forts along the western seaboard of Ireland, linking Donegal to Kerry, largely following Fáilte Ireland’s Wild Atlantic Way.

These monuments are now known as Western Stone Forts because of their unique shared architecture. Most are circular, with walls ranging in height from 1.83m to c.5.00m, entered through a narrow gateway or entrance passage generally with sloping sides from base to the upper limits, internal flights of stairs leading to the wall tops and many have internal or intra-mural passages. Some sites are terraced on their inner walls which may provide hints as to their usage.

It has been suggested that Doon Fort was a ‘stronghold of the Tuath Senmogha before the days of Cenel Conaill’. It would appear that Oilean Lermogha was the name given to the early fortified island in Loughadoon (Doon Lough) and that Loughadoon was formerly known as Loch Senmogha. It may be that the lake derived its ancient name from an early population group who lived in this area – who were called Tuath Senmogha.