Ballywholan Dual Court Tomb: Carnagat

This dual court tomb has two two-chambered galleries with semi-circular forecourts, contained within a 20m long cairn.

The site was partly excavated in 1897. There were few finds but a leaf-shaped flint arrowhead is reported, as well as a possible stone wrist-guard or archer’s bracer of the Bronze Age.

The court at the SE end has fairly low stones, being generally less than 1m tall. The exception is a recumbent stone which now lies within the court and is about 1.3m long.

This is a very well-preserved dual court tomb in a long cairn, orientated roughly north-east to south-west. A semi-circular forecourt at each end leads to two-chambered galleries, back to back.

The chambers are long and there are clear jamb stones separating the chambers and back stones terminating the galleries.

The gallery is about 5m long and 1.3m wide. There are good jamb stones but no septal stones. The sides of each of the chambers is composed of one long stone and one short stone. The stones are about 1.2m or less high.

The tomb is visible from roadside.

Source and image credit: Communities NI