Ardboe High Cross

Ardboe High Cross is a national monument dating from the tenth century. It was the first High Cross built in Ulster. Standing at 18.5 feet high and 3.5 feet wide, this is the original stone cross, placed here over one thousand years ago.

There are also remains of a church and abbey here. The abbey was founded by Saint Coleman in 590 and the church built during the sixteenth century.

The twenty-two panels depict Old Testament stories and New Testament scenes.
The west face pictured right bears many biblical scenes – starting from the bottom…

1. Adoration of Magi.

2. Wedding at Canna.

3. Loaves and Fishes.

4. Christ enters Jerusalem

5. Mocking or Arrest of Christ ?

The West Head bears a crucifixion scene.

Pictured below are a couple of scenes from the East Face, Daniel and Adam and Eve, as you can see the East Face is more weathered than the West Face. There are figure scuptures also featured on both the North and South Sides.