Heritage Sites

The heritage sites on this interactive map have been provided by History Heritage Forum members as significant and related to the shared heritage of the O’Neill’s, other Ancient Clans and the Plantation of Ulster.

This is not a comprehensive list and we welcome contributions to include heritage sites connected to our ancient history and heritage supported through Mid Ulster District Council funding. If you would like to propose a site please contact us.

Heritage is the cultural legacy which we receive from the past, which we live in the present and which we will pass on to future generations. (UNESCO The United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization)

Tangible/ built Heritage: e.g.architecture, buried remains, artefacts.
Intangible/ cultural Heritage: e.g. music, language, dance, folklore, crafts
Natural Heritage: e.g. lanscapes, waterways, bogs, plants, wildlife

The videos, images and photographs on the Ancient Clan website belong to members of the Forum and can not be copied, edited or used without written permission from the photographer.





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