Saint Mura’s Cross and Graveyard

Saint Mura’s Graveyard stands on an ancient monastic site founded by Saint Mura in the 6th century.  The Graveyard contains Saint Mura’s 7th century Cross, the ruins of Fahan Old Church (1620) and a number of significant graves dating from the 16th century.

St. Mura was born in Donegal circ. 550 AD and died around 645 AD. His feast day is celebrated on the 12th of March.

Founded in the early 7th Century, the abbey has been used for religious activities for over 1000 years. Sited in the graveyard is St. Mura’s Cross/ Slab. Local tradition states that this stone, in the shape of an ordinary gravestone, marks the saint’s grave. The cross is decorated on both sides and inscribed with interlacing patterns displaying a high level of craftsmanship. Its design pre-dates the high crosses of Ireland. Also on this site is the grave of Agnes Jones, a contemporary of Florence Nightingale who set up the first nursing training school in Liverpool.

The site is in the care of Donegal County Council.  Fahan Community Development Partnership CLG manages the site in cooperation with the County Council.  It is open to the public.


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