Errigal Keerogue Cross and Church

The ridge-top graveyard is beautifully sited overlooking the Clogher valley. An early church here was associated with St Ciaran (Dachiarog), and the medieval parish church was also here. The cross west of the church has been called ‘archaic’ and ‘primitive’, but it is clearly unfinished.

On the east face a ringed cross is lightly tooled; on the west a flat boss was worked and straight lines were marked out, but the stone was not further cut back, perhaps because of the flaw visible on the south side. Why an unfinished cross was retained and valued remains something of a mystery. The church shows signs of more than one period.

It has opposed doors to north and south and a base batter on the east wall. Numerous querns and quern fragments have been found in the graveyard and a few are built for display into the north wall, together with a modern cast of a medieval burial monument found in the graveyard. St Kieran’s Well is across the road to the north-east.

Source and image credit: Communities NI