Walk in the footsteps of the Ancient Clans.

The concept for the development of this website and interactive map of ancient heritage sites is the result of a cross border project between Mid Ulster District Council and Donegal County Council funded through EU PEACE IV funding.

The Cross Border Shared Heritage Communities Programme received EU PEACE IV funding of €164,610 to develop linkages through the shared heritage of the O’Neill and other ancient clans. The ‘flight’ of the Earls which took place from Rathmullan, Co Donegal; with the ‘Earls’, themselves coming from both Donegal and Dungannon were significant events in our shared heritage, along with the subsequent Plantation of Ulster.

The project presented the opportunity for joint working between both Councils and local history/heritage groups. The official launch of the project took place on the 13 September 2018 with a Medieval banquet at The Hill of the O’Neil, Dungannon. Over the next 2 years history/ heritage groups took part in a number of heritage weekends and a series of study visits to heritage sites in each are with guest speakers.

A History Heritage Forum was created made up of history/ heritage groups in each Council area. The History Heritage Forum members have contributed to the development of the interactive map by suggesting ancient heritage sites, providing information, images and producing short videos to introduce each site.

The Cross Border Shared Heritage Communities Programme is coordinated by Heather McLaughlin, appointed by Mid Ulster District Council and Donegal County Council to deliver the study visits, heritage events and to engage history/ heritage groups in both regions.

Overview of the PEACE IV Cross Border Shared Heritage Project with information on the heritage groups involved and the benefits of participation in the project.