Heritage Site Visits and Lectures

Over the 2 years from 2018 – 2020 the project facilitated links between Mid Ulster District Council, Donegal County Council and local groups through visits to sites with shared heritage of the O’Neills, other ancient Clans and the Plantation of Ulster.

History heritage groups from Donegal and Mid Ulster visited ancient sites in each area which included guest speakers expert in history and archaeology. over the term eight visits took place – four visits in each area.

Heritage Site Visits

Mid Ulster 13 Sept 2018 Launch of the heritage project and Medieval Banquet at Hill of O’Neill, Dungannon.
Mid Ulster Heritage Site Visit 13 & 14 Sep 2018 Tullyhogue Fort and Hill of O’Neill.
Donegal Heritage Site Visit 19 & 20 Oct 2018 Doe Castle, Doon Rock, Kilmacrennan Friary.
Mid Ulster 22 & 23 March 2019 Castelcaufield, Benburb, a plantation bawn built in 1611 by Sir Richard Wingfield, on the site of an O’Neill stronghold, St Patrick’s COI Parish Church, Benburb, one of the oldest plantation churches.
Caledon village, Phelim Originally called Kinnard renamed Caledonia by Hamiltons.
Donegal 17 & 18 May 2019 Inishowen, Grainan of Aileach and Burt Castle
Donegal: 3 & 4 August 2019 Spanish Armada walk, Donegal Castle and Medieval village, Ballyshannon
Donegal 16 & 17 August 2019 Launch of Inishowen Heritage trail and Medieval Banquet.
Mid Ulster 13 & 14 Sept 2019 Primary Schools workshop. Tullyhogue Fort, Lissen House, Beagmore stone circles.
Donegal 17 September 2021 Walking tour of Rathmullen and Flight of the Earls.
Mid Ulster 26 & 27 Nov Battle of Benburb enactment and marching camp, Benburb.

Workshops included lectures from:

Dr Sean Beattie editor of Donegal Annual, Chairman of Donegal Historical Society
Dr Colm Donnelly, Senior Research Fellow, School of Natural and Built Environment, University of Ulster – Medieval Gaelic Ulster
Dr Mary Katherine Simms, lecturer in Medieval History – Henry O’Neill, Prince of the Irish of Ulster (1455-89): a missed opportunity?
Dr Darren McGettigan – The Kings of Aileach and Vikings
Dr William Roulston, Research Director, Ulster Historical Foundation, The Plantation in Donegal and Tyrone with a focus on urbanisation, the demographics of the new settlers, the houses and industrial activity, the new roads, interaction with the Gaelic population etc.
Martin McDoal – Genealogy through DNA
Martin Mellon, Cinéal Eoighain, who are the Cinéal Eoghian
Jonathan Gray, Killeshial and Clonanesse Historical Society – Links between Irish & Scottish Clans in 16thC Ulster.
James Kane, O’Neill Country Historical Society – Benburb.