Monea Castle

Monea Castle was built for Malcolm Hamilton and completed in 1619, the architecture shows its clear Scottish influences and Monea is one of the finest of Fermanagh’s plantation castles.

The castle survives almost to full height, with two circular towers at its entrance. This imposing structure stood in one corner of a walled bawn, which was built to enclose and protect the castle, and was equipped with defensive rounded flanker towers, positioned in two corners of the bawn, one of which subsequently served as a dovecote. The castle fell briefly into Irish hands in 1641, and was held by Gustavus Hamilton, governor of Enniskillen in 1688. It appears to have been burned in the 18th century and was abandoned.

The Monument is situated on a privately owned working farm with livestock present and as such dogs are not allowed at Monea Castle for Health and Safety reasons.

Source and image credit: Communities NI