Drumnadrough Rath

In earlier years Drumnadrough Rath survived in the garden of a big house called Fairy Knowe. The rath is still known as the Fairy Knowe, perhaps a name that comes from the eminence on which it stands or an earlier folklore tradition about the site.

The platform is well preserved, except on the east where it was encroached on by the garden. The north-south diameter is 39m and the platform is up to 1.1m above the surroundings. A low bank can be traced around the edge of the platform. The interior is known to have been disturbed in the past when the area was farmed. This may be the last survivor of a ring of raths, which once existed on the lower hill slopes in north and west Belfast so, despite the altered surroundings, it is a precious reminder of a monument type which was once common in these now built-up areas of the city.