Clonlum North & South Cairn

Clonlum North Cairn are the remains of a court tomb, badly damaged in the early 19th century when stone was reputedly removed for building Killevy Castle nearby.

The court is of three-quarter enclosed form with an unusual small chamber in the west side. The burial gallery lacks subdividing stones but its length suggests there were originally three or four chambers. Not excavated.

Clonlum South Cairn
A roughly circular cairn, partly encroached on by cultivation, encloses a single rectangular chamber built of large slabs with a huge, now broken, capstone.

Excavation in 1934 showed that the site was already thoroughly disturbed and produced few finds. This is likely to be a Neolithic portal tomb, but because of the damage that has occurred here it is now difficult to classify.


Source credit: Communities NI